40 Meters through 6 Meters

Steppir MONSTIR Antenna at W9XA Batavia, Illinois

Varian 4K3SJ Klystron 1kW OUT on 2304Mhz

W9XA's 4K3SJ Klystron Page is under construction, as is the Klystron amplifier project When finished this tube should provide a full gallon output for the 2304 Mhz weak signal band. Initial tests look good! http://W9XA.US/W9XA/4K3SJ.html

GPS STATUS OF HP-Z3801A TIME and FREQUENCY STANDARD using K8CU's GPS CON software. View the system status and time here. W9XA's GPS RECEIVER STATUS

A QUICK REFERENCE OF COAX CABLE LOSSES AT VHF IS HERE in either Word format http://W9XA.US/CableTypeLoss.doc or in PDF format http://W9XA.US/CableTypeLoss.pdf

AURORA BOREALIS of 8 November 2004

As photographed by M. Murphy in Batavia, Il. This picture shows the Aurora in all its glory framed against the Wilson Hall Highrise at the Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory


IMAIL is available now for registered users of the site with valid accounts and passwords. This provides viewing of your e-mail@W9XA.US through any Web viewer such as explorer or Netscape! W9XA.US IMAIL SERVER

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